Wheelchair care taxi(cab) Meguri for Okinawa Trip and Sightseeing


Welcome to Okinawa Iland and us website!

This is  Wheelchair care taxi Meguri.   I have been Driving for 17years in Okinawa.

We good at Sightseeing Driving and wheelchair assistance. If,you want make special sightseeing memory in Okinawa,Please contact us.

How many peaple can ride Meguri taxi ?

We care taxi can ride maximum 6peaples include 1wheelchair.

okinawa wheelchair cab meguri for trip

How Sizes Wheelchair Can ride in Meguri taxi?

Wheelchairs within the size of the photo below can be accepted.

okinawa wheelchair cab meguri

How much luggage  can carry Meguri taxi?

Our cab laggage space.for example, It can carry about 26inch laggege  5 or 6.

What do you take Sightseeing Drive Meguri taxi ?

I assistance Wheelchair at tourist spot,take photo and photo date gift to you,guide recomend Okinawan restrant.I Know wheelchair accecible places verios parts of  Okinawa.

If you are looking for a comfortable and less tiring sightseeing experience in Okinawa,Please give us a call or contact email.

How much price taxi fee ? How can I pay ?

charter  1hour/¥6600 44.13USD(2023.10/15 rate)  include, taxi fee assistance,take photo and date send,make driving course.

You can pay  paypal sistem before taxi driving.

How do I contact for care cab Meguri ?

If you desided Okinawa sightseeing date and want go to several places, Please below contact form. 

Please feel free to contact us first.